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In our company registrations process, we work through the process below with each client:

company registrations

company registrations

Company Registrations South Africa prefer for SMME’s

Within the South African economy, SMME operations are considered to be the most important sector that will drive employment and economic growth. Under Income Tax legislation in South Africa, businesses that meet certain criteria qualify for certain income tax concessions. It is notable that there is a direct correlation between SMME’s and these qualifying conditions. Given this and several other considerations, it is our experience that the preferred type of business entity for new company registrations South Africa appears to be a private company.

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    Did you know?

    Companies are registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, also known as CIPC. The benefits which exist in registering your company in South Africa extend to business name protection, administration and business compliance, financial assistance when needed and of course, tax incentives. CIPC was formerly known as the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office or CIPRO until May 2011 when the New Companies Act was established. This changed the way owners of businesses had to register their companies. Going forward no new close corporations or CC’s would be registered but those who were registered as such before May 2011 would remain as CC’s.

    If you do not register with CIPC, you will still need to be registered with the South African Revenue Services or SARS as required by law. Registering your company gives your business a legitimacy that customers appreciate and similarly increases their trust in your business.

    10 Quick business tips for starting a new business

    1. Conduct thorough competitor research and keep tracking them throughout your operations.
    2. Compile a detailed business plan and use this as the blueprint to work against.
    3. Register your business by using our services.
    4. Prepare documentation needed for business finance.
    5. Determine what services you will outsource and which you will be placing on your payroll.
    6. If you require a premises, find a business broker or real estate agent to assist you.
    7. Apply for insurance, get at least 3 quotations for business insurance.
    8. Always ensure you adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements.
    9. Find a network of entrepreneurs to engage with.
    10. Ensure you have all your marketing collateral ready including a properly built website.


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