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Whether you would like to undertake the process of CIPC name changes because of rebranding or because the company is currently trading under its registration number, to make a change successfully, you are required to reserve your intended name change. Once this reservation has been approved, the company will be required to apply to change its Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI).

At LMS, we offer professional company secretarial services to make name changes with the CIPC an easy process. We have years of experience handling business registrations, name changes and other procedures required when establishing new businesses. With this experience, we ensure that your company name change is completed successfully, according to all relevant regulations.

Company name reservation with the CIPC

As part of your company registration process, a reservation process will have to be undertaken to successfully select and reserve a unique company name for your business. After you have decided on a new name for your company, we search the availability of that name(s). Once we have concluded that the name is likely to be available, we reserve the name with the CIPC.

More than one name may be reserved for your company as alternatives, should your first choice prove unavailable.

Once your preferred company name has been reserved, we will amend all relevant CIPC documentation to reflect this.

When can your name not be registered?

  • If the proposed name is also registered as a company came for a different business
  • If the name is the same as an existing registered company
  • If the proposed name is already reserved

How do I ensure that my name complies with the Companies Act?

Should your reserved company name be inconsistent with the regulations set out by the Companies Act, the CIPC may request a copy of the application for validation and inspection. When choosing professional secretarial services from LMS, we work alongside your team to ensure that your chosen name meets all relevant regulations to ensure compliance.

How long will my company name remain reserved?

From the date of application, a company name reservation is valid for a period of six months. Within this time frame, the formal registration of the registered company name must be finalized.

What are the advantages of CIPC name changes?

Deciding to change your company’s name to something new or from the registration number allows you to trade under the ultimate business identity.

When registering a new name at CIPC, you will be able to trade under this name and change business branding legally. The company name can also change on all financial accounts to properly represent your brand.

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Registering trading names with the CIPC

Companies can use a trading name that differs from their registered name at the CIPC. These are useful for companies who do not wish to operate under the registered company name or have not yet had the opportunity to reserve their chosen name with the agency.

Trading names, much like registered company names, are required to meet specific guidelines. The trading name may not be the same or similar to an existing company name, a registered trademark that belongs to a different company, an expression protected under the Merchandise Marks Act or one that falsely implies an association with a separate entity.

Success with LMS Secretarial Services

For those needing CIPC name changes performed for their company, our professionals can assist. For more than 20 years, we have served businesses in all industries with services to facilitate the successful start-up of their company, from initial registrations to maintaining CIPC compliance.

If you need to change, reserve, or establish a company name, please get in touch with our team.

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