Payroll Services offered by our Strategic Partner

For professional payroll services expertise, look no further than our strategic partner, the MMS Group. When you make use of LMS, the need may arise to outsource a company that can handle your payroll needs professionally and reliably. MMS outsources services to small and medium sized companies who require accounting or payroll services.

When operating a business, paying employees for their expertise is as important as the business itself, because people are what make or break a company. Ensure your payroll needs are adequately seen to by experts in cloud accounting and payroll services. Outsourced payroll solutions which specifically cater to the needs of SMME’s are one of the accounting services MMS has to offer.

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MMS makes use of the latest technological advances in payroll software and cloud accounting in order to provide optimum service which saves you on time and money.

Speak to MMS about:

  • Payroll Administration – weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly
  • Third Party Schedules
  • SARS (EMP 201 submissions)
  • Tax Certificates
  • IRP5 and IT3 Certificates
  • UIF
  • Tax Directives
  • PAYE Matters

Confidentiality and compliance are guaranteed when making use of MMS Payroll Services. With over 25 years of experience in the financial reporting industry, the team of experts at MMS are geared to manage your payroll needs efficiently and effectively.

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The MMS Advantage

When making use of our strategic partner for your auditing, taxation or accounting needs, the following benefits will apply to you.

  1. Peace of mind that wages and salaries are professionally administered
  2. Access to the latest in software at no additional cost
  3. Increased security and confidentiality
  4. Accuracy only an accountant can guarantee
  5. Compliance
  1. Penalties are no longer a concern
  2. Time and energy can be concentrated elsewhere for increased productivity
  3. Outsourcing benefits which are cost-effective
  4. Procedures that are agreed upon by all parties
  5. Excellent customer service

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